Cafe Rental Options

Perfect for graduations, farewells, Open Houses.


Space Fees (minimum 2 hours)

$100/hr. for 1st hour for either up or down space

$75/hr there after

Additional $25/ Hour for Mez & Dining Area

Minimum time to reserve 2 hours

1 Airpot of beverage/ hour rented complimentary


Rental Availability

Sunday 3:00p-10:00p (earliest time for set-up is 2:30p)

Mon/Tuesday 6:30p- 9:00p (earliest time for set-up is 6:00p)

Fri/ Sat 6:30-10:00p

15 minute Set –up time is complimentary.


Additional Beverage Fees- No Outside Beverages are Permitted

1 gallon iced tea $18.95 (serves about 15-20)

1 air pot Black or Green tea $18.95 (12 servings)

1 airpot Herbal, Rooibos, White $19.95 (serves about 15-20)

1 air pot of coffee $18.95 (12 servings )      

Large teapot $8    (5 servings )

Lg. Herbal, Rooibos, white $9


Food Options

You provide the food (from a commercial kitchen) or Cash Bar with limited menu. 


Open Cash Bar Option

Bar service Tea, Smoothie and Espresso beverages available.

Limited Bakery and snack items available Menu Pricing applies



Tea Talk with tastings $30 (groups under 20 people) $50 (groups 20-40)


Disposable cups provided

If wanting glassware and dishes then a charge of

$30 1-30 guests

$60 31-60 guests

$90 61-90 guests


$100 Deposit upon signed contract. Prices through August 31, 2017